About Me

Hello Friends

Welcome to our creative journey . My name is Stacey.  The creator and designer of the projects you will find on this site.

Long ago before the internet was popular, (Yes there was such a time.) I started creating these ideas. I worked with children ages 3-4. The kids loved arts and craft time. But unfortunately there were not any published books for this age group. I began to create big projects for little hands.

The kids love of art grew when they realized they can make anything their imaginations wanted. They would tell me what they wanted to make and I would design a way they could do it.

I began designing for others, VBS, Daycare centers and Domestic Engineers. (Stay at home Mom’s) I collected the ideas in hopes of one day making a book. But soon realized the almost 400 ideas out numbered the pages of a practical book. Then I thought maybe a series?

After a few years I submitted to several publishers. I received letters stating, they loved the idea of art for this age group. But, it was to new of a concept for them. Wouldn’t you want to be the first? I thought?

After I was told this the book of now 670 pages went into a drawer for years. Until one day a friend said what about a Blog?

So here I am!

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Teach me I may remember. Involve me and I will learn” Benjamin Franklin